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    I think issue is settled for now
    05:57, December 18, 2017

    I found this new wiki:

    This new wiki needs to be destroyed forever. It is unneeded.

    I also suspect HuxRen123 of being a sockpuppet to Mctalwolfer for cooperating with edits done with the latter's sockpuppet accounts on this wiki:

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    • I know about that one. It was pretty much a dead wiki, with the last person editing there almost a year ago. But since you went there today, you've just made that wiki active again and two of the accounts you responded to will probably get a "you've got a message on another wiki" notification. So, they might come back and they might then see that you're getting upset by what they've done, which is a flag to them that they should keep going so you'll keep getting upset.

      You really need to stop resurrecting old messages. You might think you're helping to clean up the problems they've been making, but what you're really doing is helping to keep those problems alive. If it's an old issue, don't unbury it. Keep your fingers off the keyboard. If you don't say anything about a really old issue, eventually it goes away.

      If there's something you think I need to be aware of, just leave me a message here so I can check it out. But DON'T go to that place so you can take them on yourself. Let me handle it.

      If he is the one that decides to keep this situation alive, that's his decision. He did that today and I dealt with it. DON'T help him keep things alive. Let me handle it.

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    • Thanks for helping me with that. I really need to get my anger under control.

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    • Just a quick note. The Dixa44 account is starting to respond to the angry messages you left back in September on other wikis. I have added two replies that will be the foundation for a block request at a future date.

      There may be other messages to you, but don't reply to them. Let me handle it.

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    • Can I talk to Pledge? I really need to know if he is another sockpuppet. There are questions that need to be answered.

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    • No, because this kind of person doesn't listen to reason and you will only give them more of the attention they're looking for. You already lost your temper again on the Antagonists Wiki.

      Every time you try talking with him or you get mad at him, you help him.

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    • We don't know if Pledge is a sockpuppet yet. I'll talk to him. If he only talks about getting attention, we will know he is another sockpuppet.

      I just vandalized the Jurassic Park villains wiki home page. I'll keep blanking every page on that wiki until I get blocked.

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    • He's not going to say, "I'm doing this because I want attention." That's just a reason why any vandal does what they do. Children throw temper tantrums for the same reason.

      If you think what he's doing is wrong, why do you believe that vandalizing a wiki will make it right? All it's going to do is hurt you because it will be on record that you attacked a wiki and deliberately vandalized it.

      You need to stop letting him provoke you. Let him make his threats and flap his lips. He can't do what he says he can. They're empty words. The only power behind them is what you give him. When you respond like you have been, you're giving him control over you. You give him control over you.

      To be honest, this is approaching the point where I may have to stop talking to you. You don't seem to be listening or you can't help yourself, and now you're starting to act like him. I really should set a block here on your account so that you can't respond to what he does here and because you've admitted you've started vandalizing other wikis. I won't do it right now, but I may have to in the future.

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    • Actually, you're right. Anger is one of these emotions that can really get a grip on me.

      I plan to watch Dawn of the Planet of the Apes to see the consequences of hatred. There's a villain in the movie, Koba, and he let his anger turn him into a complete maniac who would even kill other apes just like him. Here's his article on the Villains Wikia.

      I now know that anger can be bad for me, and I need to control it. Maybe watching that film will help me. War for the Planet of the Apes goes further in detail about controlling your emotions.

      Now, I have stopped my vandalizing and changed those pages back to what they originally were. Forgive me, please.

      I have discovered this user's website:

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    • I also spotted that website and decided it was best not to go there.

      This isn't a case of me forgiving you. It's you need to stop letting him provoke you, which happened again just an hour ago.

      Let me put this bluntly. Stop talking to him.

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    • Then what should I do instead? Just staying away from him? And what do you mean by saying I let him provoke me an hour ago?

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    • Yes, stay away, and this is what I mean by letting him provoke you.

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    • I didn't get a response from him, but I have an idea. Maybe it's possible to report his website to whoever created Wix, and they will get rid of it. That's because I think that is where his website is: Wix.

      This is evidenced beause on the top right corner, it says, "Create your Wix site."

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