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The link parameter for the URL (1=) must be used so that the URL will be interpreted correctly. Copy the full web address from the website and paste it into the full_URL field of the template. The number at the end of the URL should be the book's ISBN 13 number without dashes.




IndieBound button Search for this item via IndieBound — (click here for information about the search)

Search notes

IndieBound is a website run by the American Booksellers Association to provide independent bookstores and their customers in the United States with information and support. The site also provides search options to find an independent bookstore by zip code and by name, and to find printed books, signed books and eBooks, so that a larger portion of the money spent at a local bookstore will remain in your community.

The "Search for this item via IndieBound" link will take you to IndieBound's search page where you can type in a Zip Code. It will run a search of the inventory of nearby independent bookstores and report back if any potentially have it in their inventory. Clicking on "Show 5 more stores" will display additional stores, but it does not have a method to scroll through the results.

To begin a purchase through a local bookstore, click on that bookstore's name. Please note that you cannot open the link in a new tab. Attempting to do so will take you back to the first search page. Simply click on the bookstore's name and a "Transfering you to your store" message will appear before you arrive there.

Important note: if an independent bookstore has more than one location, the search may be performed on the main location's inventory. If you would like to pick up the book at the location closest to you, you should contact that location specifically to see if the item is in stock there. This will help when purchasing through places like universities with nearby bookstores or companies like Hudson Booksellers, where the local address may be to their distribution center rather than the airports their stores are located in.

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